Paradise Islands- Seychelles

Seychelles. Synonymous with beaches, relaxation, honeymoon..Yes, although Seychelles is about the relaxed and fun life, it surely cannot be limited to only that. Located on the east of Africa, this is an island country in the Indian ocean, comprising of 115 islands, majority of these uninhabited. The amazing thing about Seychelles is that it is covered in greenery almost everywhere you look. Nature and wildlife is given utmost priority here, most of the uninhabited islands are dedicated as nature reserves.

Our trip to Seychelles was a week long. The weather in Seychelles varies all year round, and although it rained for 2 out of the 7 days that we were there, that only added to the beauty  and charm of the place. Landing at Seychelles, we took a cab to the hotel we were going to stay at- Coral Strand, which is located along the Beau Vallon Bay, Mahé. Apart from the taxi service from the airport to your destination, you could opt to take the local bus or an airport transfer (which can be booked online).

Coral strand…and Beau Vallon Beach beyond

City commute:

To really understand the locals and the culture, you must live with them, like them, so they say. And that’s just what we did. We traveled like the locals did, by the city bus. Our commute to the capital, Victoria, was a twenty minute ride by bus from where we put up at Beau Vallon. And Victoria, being the heart of the city, we always met locals traveling to and from their work places to other parts of Mahé.

In the capital- Victoria

Island hopping:

Out of all the islands, we visited the 3 main inhabited ones- Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. Each one of these islands are unique in their own way. You can either make it a day trip or stay for longer at each island. We stayed at Mahé and took a day-trip to the other islands. You can opt to travel to the other islands by plane or by ferry. We booked a seat on the high speed ferry- ‘Cat Cocos’, from Mahé to Praslin and later to La Digue. You can book the ticket online in advance on their official website or at their ticket counter at Victoria on the day you intend to travel. Do carry your passport along (they request for the passport at the time of booking). Payment can be made in cash or by card (do check conversion rates).

Mahé :

Mahé is the largest island of Seychelles. And although majority of the city life is seen mainly in Victoria, its capital, you will find many tourists driving around the island, lounging at any of the far-flung beaches and enjoying various beach activities on the island. Seychelles natural history museum, the botanical gardens, Victoria market, are few of the attractions. Beau Vallon Bay is one of the most popular beaches on the island. Numerous beach activities like banana boat ride, kayaking, snorkeling, parasailing and such draw many to this beach. The area is always bustling with activity, given the number of restaurants, cafes and stalls (food, souvenirs) that set up during the day. There are beautiful beaches like Baie Lazare and Petite Anse among others, which are almost an hour away from Victoria, but are definitely worth visiting.

Clock tower at Victoria
The road to Petite Anse beach
Petite Anse beach


The first stop after an hour of traveling by the ferry was at Praslin, the closer of the two islands. Praslin, being the second largest island in Seychelles, is a well-known tourist destination with several hotels and resorts, as well as beaches such as Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette. Many visiting the island also do activities such as scuba diving, boat tours,  and snorkeling. Seychelles is known for its wildlife conservation, so you will find wildlife tours here.


La Digue:

Our next stop was La Digue. This island’s main industry is tourism, and it is known for its beaches, especially Anse Source d’Argent and Grand Anse. Majority of those living here as well as tourists, travel around the island by bicycle. You can choose to do kayaking, walking tours, bicycle tours, nature and wildlife tours or just lounge by the pristine blue waters. We toured the entire island (it isn’t too big) in 3 hours by cycles which were available for rent at the dock, whilst stopping at every other beach we passed by, to take in the scenic beauty of the place. 

A wedding carriage;)
At La Digue
Cycling around the island is very common with tourists as well as locals at La Digue

Must try:

When in Seychelles, you must try their fish dishes. One of the famous traditional ones which restaurants and cafes serve are the Tuna and king fish grilled in garlic butter, served with creole sauce (a sauce made with tomatoes, onions, green bell pepper and cayenne pepper.)

Seybrew, a locally produced beer, is a hit with locals and tourists alike. Worth trying, if you want a taste of the local’s favorite brand. We also enjoyed the freshly prepared passion fruit juice being sold at the food stalls at Beau Vallon beach side.

All in all, Seychelles definitely did not disappoint. With a whole lot of awesome pictures that look like typical postcards to hold as memories, this is definitely a wonderful destination. Whether it is a quiet beach holiday with lots of R&R that you are looking for or beach activities, coupled with nature tours, Seychelles is where you should head to.

Nature at its best


Perfect goodbye to La Digue

Serene beauty

8 thoughts on “Paradise Islands- Seychelles

  1. Hi!It seems Seychelles has a lot of French influence,. Or possibly , Spanish. How do we reach Seychelles? Which flight to take?Do we come there via India? Or Mauritius?Lots of questions on my mind.Thanks


    1. Hi! Thanks for taking time to read through my blog post!:) To answer your questions, Yes, one of the official languages in Seychelles is French! We took a flight with Etihad Airlines to Seychelles from India, stopover at Abu Dhabi. Where will be flying in from?


  2. Seychelles is all of what dreams are made off. If there is paradise on earth, than this is definitely the place. it is a dream destination and you are indeed privileged to experience its serene beauty.


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