Our blog has been given the Liebster award!

What a way to end the year 2016! We just got to know that we have been awarded the Liebster Award!!! This award is within the blogging community, awarded to a blogger by other bloggers, as a sign of recognition of your blog.

We were nominated by NISSY ADVENTURE (Nathan and Isobella Gaul)– check out their adventures; definitely worth the read. They too are couple travel bloggers, and are busy making their life into a fun, travel adventure. What started off as discussion about the Liebster nomination led to swapping travel tales and eventually, trying to get our paths to cross on one of our upcoming trips!

Here are our answers to their Questions:

  1. What is your favourite country and why?

From the countries we visited, it would have to be the United States of America. There is so much to see and do there, plus the (fast) food is amazing. On our trips there, we came across some really fun and helpful people; great experiences and memories of the place so far. Also, the fact that this was our honeymoon destination mayyy be the reason we are a bit biased towards it!


    2. What is your least favourite country and why?

Can’t pinpoint any, really..We normally pick countries we are looking forward to visiting and they haven’t let us down, so far! Even if any one of them did not live up to our expectations, we wouldn’t dare complain; bearing the consequences of our decisions, you see!

    3. If you were given 1 million pounds, what would you do with it?

Travel, travel and then travel some more! Probably buy a one way ticket to someplace great and when we are done exploring there, a ticket to another place and it would just go on..! Lol! On a serious note, it would be selfish to blow it up on ourselves, we probably would give part of it to help those in need.

    4. What is one of your most memorable experiences whilst traveling?

This question took us the longest time to answer! Too many fabulous memories in each place! I think biking around in Thailand, as many of the visitors there do, was a real fun, memorable experience in itself. Thailand has a mix of both cities and the quiet interiors, so travelling around on a bike from the city, into the silent open roads, all in a single day, was absolutely amazing. We visited numerous far flung beaches there and had a mini adventure hunting down a gas station when we were running low on fuel! (fuel is sold on the road, in a bottle there! We found that pretty strange and opted for the petrol pump only, although they are a rarity in the interiors; many tourists went ahead and picked up bottles as they rode along!)


     5. Do you prefer flip-flops or snow boots?

Flip flops, anytime! They are synonymous with sun, sand and fun to us! And who can ever say they have had enough of that!


     6. Have you ever had a low moment traveling, if yes, what was it?

You do land up having moments best forgotten while travelling- it is all a part of the experience. I think the worst was when Josh fell sick in London and we had to forgo our tickets to the Lion king show that we had already booked online. It was horrible enough that he had to stay in till he was better…losing out on the show we had been looking forward to eagerly, was like rubbing salt in the wound..

    7. What is your number 1 country on your bucket list?

Iceland! At least right now it is ! Whenever we have decided to take a trip there, something comes in the way, delaying it further.. Hopefully soon!

    8. Is there a country you would never return to?

Uhm, home?! Haha! As in, we would love to keep travelling around the world and probably visit back once in a way!

    9. What is the scariest thing you have ever done?

Candida : Ok, so this may not count as scary in many people’s books! But I am not too much of an underwater person. I enjoy swimming in a pool, but walking underwater with the fishes around isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Maybe it is the thought of getting attacked by a shark or something drastic of the sort! Well, you can imagine my apprehension when Josh tried to convince me that it would be a fun, once in a lifetime experience to walk under water with the fishes while in Thailand. The scuba had got cancelled (thankfully!) a couple of days ago, and he was adamant to do this before we left. I gave in eventually, assuming this would not be as bad as the scuba. So, there I was, holding on to the ladder of the boat for dear life, with an astronaut’s type of helmet weighing me down. I was eventually pushed away into the water and resigned to my fate. Although there were almost 10 of us underwater, I could have sworn the fishes were swimming around me to freak me out! (like they sensed the fear!) The instructor told me to stand still and feed them small pieces of food, and they wouldn’t harm at all. So I did just that. All of a sudden, I felt a pinch on my other arm. One of the fishes wanted the food I was giving out in the other direction and hence decided to bite to get my attention! By then, I had had just about enough and quickly got back in the line to make my way out of the water. I still can’t believe I went through with that though.

Josh: The roller coasters at Universal Studios in US. Not a fan, but did it anyway coz Candida was so excited about it. Still don’t see the fun in them anyway.

    10. Which country has the best food, and the worst?

Thailand has the yummiest food, hands down! The most amazing, flavorful street food is found here, wherever u go! Ironically, it has the worst too, in our opinion, given the insects fried up and served! 😫


     11. What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself?

The world is your oyster. Cliche but true to the core. Just go out there, achieve your dreams and make it a better place in the best way you can.

And now, in no particular order, here are our Nominations:

  Dreams and Dives:


Mike and Nathalie are a Belgian couple exploring our beautiful world on a budget! They are hooked on rewarding hikes and underwater adventures! Check out their website here!

Mommy needs to travel:


Travel tales of an Icelandic family- mommy and her four kids. Having traveled to 37 countries and lived in 4, they decided to document their travels and experiences in one place- to remember and inspire others 🙂 You can browse through their adventures here.



Adventures and travel stories by Rich and Suzy, a couple at the wrong end of their 30’s, as they introduce themselves. They are working on an app to help wanderlusters mash their passions with their path. Check out their blog here.

Hitched Hikers


Liam and Philippa Doherty , a couple who decided to get married, quit their jobs and book a one way flight! Still travelling aroundthe world and blogging about their fun adventures here..

A Green Coconut


A travel blog run by Alice, from the Netherlands. She enjoys photography, film and outdoor sports and considers travel as her passion. Check out her blog here.

In Zarja’s backpack


Zarja Kambic, who has merged her two passions- travel and journalism and documents her experiences as she goes along by way of  write articles, interviews, videos and photos on her blog.

The Foodager


The Foodager is a lifestyle blogs that’s all about food, fashion, travel, music and personal snippets and finds by its chief blogger, Shayne Dsouza. Check out the blog here.

Our Questions for the nominated blogs:-

1. Who is your favourite travel partner?

2. What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done while travelling?

3. If you could settle anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

4. What do you miss most when you are away from home?

5. Any interesting new custom you have come across that you would like to share?

6. Best way to travel around and view a new place?

7. The place that over-exceeded your expectations and why?

8. One tip you would like to share with others about what you do to remain safe while travelling.

9. Do you prefer solo travel or group travel? Why?

10. 3 must haves in your travel bag?

11. A country you would go back to? Why?

Congrats guys! Looking forward to your responses! Happy traveling!



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