Apple Music Festival

Music festivals all over the world are one of the common links connecting music lovers. Ask any ardent music lover what is so great about attending a live concert and they will go into detail of animatedly explaining to you how it works and the excitement that surrounds it! So you can well imagine me as I write this 🙂

We got a chance to attend the final day of the Apple Music Festival at London on our trip there! The band, ‘Florence and the Machine’ were performing on the final day of the line up of the music festival. We reached the venue- Roundhouse, well in time for the performance, but it did not begin at the designated time. (which , I figure, a lot of us anticipated would be the case).

But two hours later, when soundcheck had been long completed and there was still no sight of the band, people started getting restless as they had already finished the drinks they had brought from the bar there. (kind of like how you finish most of the popcorn during the never ending trailers and ads, waiting for the movie to start!) And just when few were starting to move around the now packed auditorium restlessly, the lights went out and the band entered on stage amidst much cheering. I’ve always wondered how everybody’s attitude changes once the performance begins, irrespective of how much they were grumbling at the delay. 5 minutes into the fabulous, high energy performance, and I got my answer!

The crowd, waiting for the band

All was forgiven as the crowd held their cell phones up to record the moment as Florence, the singer of the band, casually walked on to the stage a few moments after the band and began her power packed performance.

As the evening progressed..

She belted out her latest hits and had the crowd singing along. As with every performance, people continued screaming for more at the end! That’s when the drummer threw the drumsticks into the crowd, to indicate the performances were done for the night, sending the crowd into a frenzy to catch the sticks! It was really a wonderful experience, not my first, but definitely one that I will always hold dear for winning tickets to!

Want to attend the Apple Music Festival?  If you live in United Kingdom, then you could be among the lucky few. It is held in September, and a localized prize draw is held for Apple Music, iTunes and DICE users from UK, for the tickets. Definitely worth it!


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