US Open 2016 & a meeting with a tennis star !!

Walking into the half filled stadium that day, we weren’t sure this was the perfect day to come and watch a tennis match. For one, we wondered if the empty stadium signified a low day? Also, the dull clouds loomed long overhead, so with an open court, rain couldn’t be the best thing to happen now, could it? We decided to ignore all the things that could go wrong and instead , focus on what was working out for us, there, at that point of time. We had got a chance to watch the semi finals of the US open at Arthur Ashe stadium in New York! And the excited fans present around were just adding to the excitement, with the occasional loud cheers! {To book tickets for the US open, you can log on to their website and book online. Booking opens months in advance, and the earlier you book, the better, obviously!}

US OPEN 2016

By the time we found our seats and settled down, we found that the mixed doubles match had already begun a while back. As the day progressed, the seats started to fill and by afternoon, when the men’s semi finals was about to begin, the place was packed to the brim! The crowd roared in excitement as Novak Djokovik and Gael Monfils walked out to the court. The entire match was a very close one, with each one fighting back hard to maintain their position on the score board.
The fun match

Finally, the nail-biting match ended with Djokovik as the winner, although one thing was for sure, Monfils had certainly fought hard and well to the end… Like they say, there can only be one winner. And while Djokovik was the winner of that evening’s match, Monfils definitely won hearts, for his professional demeanor all through. An eventful evening it was, for sure.

The winner:)

The following day started on a high note, with meeting Sania Mirza at breakfast time. There was a group of us who spent time with her that morning, chatting about tennis, projects she was working on and random things like that! (this was part of the deal thanks to a contest I won 🙂 )

With Sania Mirza

This was definitely one trip that was so action-packed; experiences that are etched in my head for always.

Jason Biggs on the kiss-cam!
At the stadium
Practice Courts

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