Our best pics on Instagram – 2016

The best way to store memories is through pics, or so they say. Our Instagram account is proof, albeit to just a few of them!  And while nothing can replace the beauty of the moment, the pictures we clicked always take us back to the wonderful places and memories (and inspire us to make some more … Continue reading Our best pics on Instagram – 2016


US Open 2016 & a meeting with a tennis star !!

Walking into the half filled stadium that day, we weren't sure this was the perfect day to come and watch a tennis match. For one, we wondered if the empty stadium signified a low day? Also, the dull clouds loomed long overhead, so with an open court, rain couldn't be the best thing to happen … Continue reading US Open 2016 & a meeting with a tennis star !!

Big city dreams…

New York needs no introduction whatsoever. It lives up to the description given to it by every other traveler and local - complete with the hustle bustle. Our trip to New York was a short one of 5 days. We did manage to cover a whole lot more than we had planned to, so that … Continue reading Big city dreams…

Win a trip for two!

I always keep my eyes peeled for travel contests (because who doesn't want a prize like that?!), I came across one for a beach trip! Summer is fast approaching in most of the countries and this is the perfect time to get away; what better than a beach destination?! So the contest in question is … Continue reading Win a trip for two!

Apple Music Festival

Music festivals all over the world are one of the common links connecting music lovers. Ask any ardent music lover what is so great about attending a live concert and they will go into detail of animatedly explaining to you how it works and the excitement that surrounds it! So you can well imagine me as … Continue reading Apple Music Festival

Our blog has been given the Liebster award!

What a way to end the year 2016! We just got to know that we have been awarded the Liebster Award!!! This award is within the blogging community, awarded to a blogger by other bloggers, as a sign of recognition of your blog. We were nominated by NISSY ADVENTURE (Nathan and Isobella Gaul)-- check out their adventures; definitely … Continue reading Our blog has been given the Liebster award!

London Calling !

The trip to London came up rather unexpectedly.. We had been planning a trip to South-east Asia when this trip came up through a contest! We barely had a couple of weeks to prepare for this as against the 3-4 months we generally set aside for the planning and booking! And we did as much as could … Continue reading London Calling !